KDE Plasma 5 and KDE 5 applications Regressions

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This page attempts to list all the regressions between KDE 4 and KDE Plasma 5 and KDE QT5 applications.

- kuser was not ported.
- many kde settings, especially plasma settings were not imported.
- It does not work well with 3 monitor set up 1
- Cannot set virtual desktops with different folder views 2
- No shelf widgets 3
- kde4py was not ported to KDE/Qt 5, so that many widgets what relied on it were not ported either.
- Clock-wallpaper widget, which was useful and very cool looking, was not ported because of lack of kde5py.
- maximized windows can no longer be easily resized by grabbing any side of the window.
- kde-look.org integration got completely broken, unusable in most cases.
- all the issues listed below.

Complete rewrites:
KDM => sddm
Kscreenshot => Spectacle
Kuser => whatever the new thing is named.

konqueror --help
--profile Profile to open (DEPRECATED, IGNORED)

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