kmail regression: message structure panel gone

I recently upgraded from kde-apps/kmail-17.08.3 to kde-apps/kmail-17.12.3. Since then I have been looking for the message structure panel (giving the choice to view selected emails as HTML, if applicable). I wondered why it had suddenly gone, and I was looking for the appropriate setting.

Searching online, I found a copy of the kmail handbook of an older version (2013-12-12 KDE 4.12) which describes exactly what seems to have disappeared since kmail 17.12:

3.1 The Main Window

Konqueror regression: konqueror as single application

As of December 2017, this page is being developed and completed... More details will follow soon. Please provide any relevant information and links.


Since Konqueror 17.08, konqueror is a single application, introducing unfortunate regressions.


Resource consumption

The best practice would have been for each window, and each tab to be a separate process (something done by other browsers)? Instead, we now have a single process for everything!

Multiple desktops

Regression: konqueror as a single application

Since Konqueror 17.08, konqueror is a single application, introducing unfortunate regressions.

Bug 641084 - kde-apps/konqueror-17.08.3: cannot open new instance

Bug 383815 - Running "konqueror" should open a new window

Kmail: cannot view attachements inline

I just upgraded from kmail KDE4 to KDE5.
Since the upgrade I cannot view email attachements inline. I cannot find any relevant configuration.
One has to open images within gwenview to see them.

KDE Open File dialog does not remember previously opened file

Another regression compared to KDE4, the KDE Plasma 5 Open File dialogue does not remember the previously open folder.

At best, the Open file dialogue should remember the last folder opened by application and/or by activity. But currently, it always open in the $HOME directory. I often try to open different files in a raw, using the same application, but each time I have to navigate back to the folder I am interested in.

sddm: unused tty do not expire

With KDM, when a tty remained unused it expired.
E.g. when I start a new session on tty8, but change my mind before actually login in, and go back to tty7, the tty8 login screen will remain there unused for ever.
If I then go to the K-menu and try to start another new session, the tty8 session is not reused. Instead we go to tty9.

KDM handled this more gracefully, by allowing unused tty sessions to expire after a certain time if 1) there was no successful login and 2) the user switched back to another session.

Spectacle: save as dialog regressions

In Spectacle, the Save As dialog is much too simple, does not use the standard KDE API, and is a regression compared to its KDE4 counterpart.

- it is impossible to type in the name of the folder we want to save the image into, and navigate the file system using the keyboard.
- In each folder, we only have a very simple listing of items, without any visual differentiation between directories and files (pictures, etc.).

sddm: remember last user in tty

An apparent regression compared to KDM in KDE 4, is that KDM used to remember which user last logged in on the current tty.

I regularly open two, sometimes 3 sessions, and they are usually ordered in the same way.
I open my main session in tty7. I would often open a secondary session in tty8, and more rarely a 3rd one in tty8.
The main session in tty7 would always be the same user.
Most of the time, the session in tty8 would be a different user than in tty7, but the same one.

sddm: Add screen locker

sddm upgrade: missing logs and missing maui theme

Last night, I did an emerge update @world, which included an upgrade of sddm

I think it's this package x11-misc/sddm, but I'm not sure.
Installed versions: 0.14.0-r2(12:07:07 30/01/17)(consolekit pam -systemd)

In any case, when I logged in this morning, I was greeted by the sddm session manager with the message:
"The current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below. please select another theme."
"file:///usr/share/sddm/themes/maui/Main.qml: file not found."

I know where and how to configure the sddm theme.

The problems are:

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