sddm: remember last user in tty

Project:Linux software
Category:feature request
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Tags:Regression, sddm, tty

An apparent regression compared to KDM in KDE 4, is that KDM used to remember which user last logged in on the current tty.

I regularly open two, sometimes 3 sessions, and they are usually ordered in the same way.
I open my main session in tty7. I would often open a secondary session in tty8, and more rarely a 3rd one in tty8.
The main session in tty7 would always be the same user.
Most of the time, the session in tty8 would be a different user than in tty7, but the same one.

The point is that before, KDM would remember which user last logged in a particular tty, so it made login on any tty a bit more convenient.

I'd like to that this feature back.