About this web site

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The purposes of this web site are to make the GNU/linux operating system and all software applications running on Linux the best documented and the most bug-free software available.

For each topic on this web site, we'll try to provide the location of the best and most "official" documentation on the subject.

If you have any linux (software or hardware) related question, a support request, etc. make sure to join and post a new ticket: we'll answer your question as soon as we can.

There exist many, many linux support forums and mailing lists, but the main problem with these is that the information imparted within them usually do not find its way back into the documentation. If a small percentage of the time and energy spent within forums and mailing lists were redirected into wikis, documentation and bug processing, we could have a much, much better, up to date documentation of every aspect of every software discussed there.

New Linux distribution: the long term aim is to create a new Linux distribution based on the principles highlighted above, and more. Join us and discuss with us what you would like to have from this new distribution.