Konqueror regression: konqueror as single application

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Since Konqueror 17.08, konqueror is a single application, introducing unfortunate regressions.


Resource consumption

The best practice would have been for each window, and each tab to be a separate process (something done by other browsers)? Instead, we now have a single process for everything!

Multiple desktops

Cannot easily distribute Konqueror windows on different desktops.
Launching konqueror actually brings a previously opened window onto the current desktop.

KDE Plasma Activities

Closing all konqueror windows within a single active KDE Plasma Activity does not end the Konqueror process. Konqueror is still active in the background in situations where a previously active Activity was closed with Konqueror sessions running.


Related commits:
Move code that talks to a running konq (or starts one) into a separate class.
Make Konqueror a KUniqueApplication, as QtWebEngine expects.

With a single process, we can do session recovery on startup onlyv17.08.1v17.08.0v17.07.90


Running "konqueror" should open a new window / Regressions introduced by Konqueror as a single application:

Bug 641084 - kde-apps/konqueror-17.08.3: cannot open new instance

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