Konqueror rendering engines

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There is much more to a rendering engine than merely rendering web pages. Different rendering engines have different feature sets, and may or may not be fully integrated with the desktop environment.

KHTML has been the default rendering engine for Konqueror for a long time. However, KHTML is no longer maintained and slated to be completely removed from distributions. Unfortunately, many of its features may not ever be ported to the new rendering engine.


khtml and qtwebengine do not use the same backend for cookie management. You may be logged in a web site with khtml, but when switching engine, you are no longer logged in.

Copy / paste

khtml: highlight with the mouse to copy, click on middle mouse button to paste.
qtwebengine: the above does not work. It's actually a bug when copying a part of a textarea.


- browsing history?

- right click on link.
- right click within textarea.

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