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KDE 5 user data files.

KDE Open File dialog does not remember previously opened file

Another regression compared to KDE4, the KDE Plasma 5 Open File dialogue does not remember the previously open folder.

At best, the Open file dialogue should remember the last folder opened by application and/or by activity. But currently, it always open in the $HOME directory. I often try to open different files in a raw, using the same application, but each time I have to navigate back to the folder I am interested in.

KDE Plasma 5 and KDE 5 applications Regressions

This page attempts to list all the regressions between KDE 4 and KDE Plasma 5 and KDE QT5 applications.

- kuser was not ported.
- many kde settings, especially plasma settings were not imported.
- It does not work well with 3 monitor set up 1
- Cannot set virtual desktops with different folder views 2
- No shelf widgets 3

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