Konqueror: open new tab after current tab

I've always configured konqueror to open new tabs after the current tab. Recently, although the settings is still there, konqueror has started to open new tabs at the very end.

Is that a newly introduced bug? A regression?

Konqueror form siblings bug afecting all jquery 3 web sites

Konqueror form siblings bug afecting all jquery 3 web sites

See the report I just filed:

Konqueror: missing js grip at the bottom of textarea

When I edit a blog node 1 in Konqueror, I don't see a grip at the bottom of the 'Body' textarea to resize the textarea. It works in Firefox.

Incidentally, I do see and can use the grip at the bottom of *this* textarea as I type this within konqueror

  • 1. eg. node/10698/edit

Kicker does not use Konqueror web shortcuts anymore!

Kicker does not use Konqueror web shortcuts anymore!

It appears that kicker (Alt + F2) as been completely rewritten from scratch. It's no longer called kicker but 'Plasma Search'.

It used to be that it accepted all of konqueror's web shortcut. Now, they appear to be configured separately.

Konqueror tabs in taskbar do not show site's favicons

Konqueror tabs in taskbar do not show site's favicons.
Instead, they all show the konqueror icon.
It makes it very hard to differentiate konqueror browsers at a glance.

In earlier version, konqueror tabs in taskbar DID show the web site's favicon.

Konqueror web shortcut: better configurability of replacement strings.

See #5424-2: Konqueror: web shortcut.

Opening konqueror with the shortcut search string "git stash" leads to "git+stash" where "git_stash" is needed. I can certainly improve things within this site, but I do not control every site out there, and in the past I have met occasions where similar incompatibilities existed, where I wished konqueror didn't separate keywords with a + sign. For some sites, I may want a space, or an underscore instead, depending on what the target web site accepts.

Konqueror: filter web shortcuts

By default, there are many web shortcuts configured in konqueror.
When we want to edit one, enable or disable one, etc. it is sometimes hard to remember where it is, how it was named. We need a filter/search function to quickly narrow down the list of shortcuts, so that we can find the one we want.

KDE web shortcuts


Configuration files

configuration file for:
system settings > Workspace > Shortcuts > Web shortcuts

Each web shortcut has its own configuration file here:

See also:





Konqueror: web shortcut

Create web shortcuts by default for conqueror, to search this site.

On my system, I just configured the following one, but it will change as the site is likely to change domain...

Go to the appropriate wiki page @ linux.overshoot.tv

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