Konqueror: web shortcut

Project:Linux Distribution
Category:feature request
Project wiki:New Linux Distribution
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Create web shortcuts by default for conqueror, to search this site.

On my system, I just configured the following one, but it will change as the site is likely to change domain...

Go to the appropriate wiki page @ linux.overshoot.tv



Related pages:+5443: KDE web shortcuts


It works fine enough for single words where I know the page exist, e.g. low git leads directly to http://linux.overshoot.tv/wiki/git .

For non existing pages, I still get a bland, generic, unhelpful 404 page. I'll implement something on this site to improve things a bit in that respect.

For multiword pages, e.g. git stash http://linux.overshoot.tv/wiki/git_stash , low git stash leads me to a 404 page named /wiki/git+stash. An underscore is needed instead of the + sign.


See #5473: Konqueror web shortcut: better configurability of replacement strings..

I will improve things from this end, i.e. this web site, improving search possibilities, so that it works a bit more like wikipedia (search?key+word leads to wikipedia article key_word if it exist or to a search page if it does not).