KDE web shortcuts

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Configuration files

configuration file for:
system settings > Workspace > Shortcuts > Web shortcuts

Each web shortcut has its own configuration file here:






Upgrade from KDE4 to KDE5:

cp ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/searchproviders/* ~/.local/share/kservices5/searchproviders/
cp ~/.kde4/share/config/kuriikwsfilterrc ~/.config/


To be able to use shortcuts in krunner, the given shortcuts must be activated by setting 'preferred shortcut':
system settings > Workspace > Shortcuts > Web shortcuts > Check the 'preferred' box.

Default browser

When using the web shortcuts within krunner, the browser used is the one configured here:

K menu >> System settings >> Personalisation >> Applications >> Default applications >> Web browser:
If "in an application based on the content of the URL" is selected, Konqueror will be used, or some other KDE application based on the content type of the content being returned.
If "in the following browser" is selected, the given browser will be used.

It is however currently not possible to configure a specific browser or specific application for a given shortcut. The default browser setting affects all of the web shortcuts.


It is possible to create alternatives to KDE web shortcuts, using a series of simple bash scripts. TODO: provide example scripts.

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