KDE Plasma: disappearing letters, unreadable text

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There must be a font rendering problem with the Minimal clock plasma widget:
Sometimes, instead of rendering the time HH:MM as expected, some or all digits disappear. Often, only the last digit is displayed: __:_M.

I am not sure how to go about debugging this kind of thing.



This is not a problem with the widget itself, but a problem I notice in other plasma tooltips, where some characters appear to be missing from notifications. I had a notification tooltip where at most one tenth of the characters were actually visible, but I could select all the text (visible or not) and paste it into a console where I could read what was written.

Tooltip text missing or unreadable on KDE 5 Plasma


Title:Minimal clock widget: disappearing digits» KDE Plasma: disappearing letters, unreadable text


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