KDE and systemd

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logind depends on systemd.
The bug below shows that KDE developers fully expect users to use logind and systemd:

Bug 360489 -  kscreenlocker suggests running "loginctl unlock-sessions" even though I don't use systemd

A reply from a KDE developer says that they won't fix this for users not using systemd:

Martin Gräßlin 2016-03-14 :

There is nothing wrong there. It's a fallback for the case that something is seriously broken. We improved that experience from black screen to something which works on 99 % of our users systems. There is no Plasma developer who doesn't use logind, so it's just not possible for us to support anything else. We expect the non-logind users to add code for this (which could also be a dummy loginctl binary which just works the same way). (Similar code was contributed to support consolekit in kscreenlocker).

From our side this is a clear wontfix or more a cantfix. Please do not expect us to go an extramile to support a corner case of the corner case.


elogind seems to appear as an alternative to logind.



SDDM seems to require systemd for error logging to be fully functional.
See: http://linux.overshoot.tv/ticket/11047

KDE and systemd use flag

List of gentoo packages having a systemd use flag:
Among which, there are some packages related to KDE: