Ibus: Chinese input not working in specific applications

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Ibus / Chinese input not working in specific applications

KDE applications

Requirements for ibus to work within KDE applications:

- The package ibus-qt should be installed.

- The package ibus-qt should be built against the proper qt library. This is relevant in distributions (like gentoo) which may ship with several qt libraries installed (e.g. qt4 and qt5). ibus-qt will only work within applications built for the same libraries as itself.
In gentoo:
For Qt4 applications, install: app-i18n/ibus-qt.
For Qt5 applications, install: dev-qt/qtgui with the 'ibus' USE flag.

- Relevant environment variables must be set (e.g. QT5_IM_MODULE=ibus). See the main article: http://linux.overshoot.tv/wiki/chinese_input .

If everything appears to be properly configured, and ibus still does not work in KDE applications, try the following:

  1. Open konsole.
  2. Check that the environment settings are properly set:
    $ echo $QT5_IM_MODULE
  3. Restart the daemon:
    ibus-daemon -d -x -r -n kde
  4. Launch a new konsole session from the current one:
    konsole &
  5. If ibus still does not work, then go back to the top of this page and check your set up.
  6. If on the other hand ibus now works, it's because the ibus-daemon was not started or started too late during the start up of the KDE/Plasma session.

Try putting the configuration in ~/.xprofile.
However, see:
Bug 650348 - app-i18n/imsettings-1.7.2 breaks app-i18n/ibus, app-i18n/fcitx, etc.
So if everything fails, check all the scripts run by X11 upon start-up.

Bug reports

List of some relevant bug reports.

Bug 34016 - Keyboard not working with ibus when using KDE4 integration
Bug 825067 - [kde] ibus fails in libreoffice-kde when window loses focus
ibus won't turn 'on' when in certain programs