libreoffice: cannot input anything from keyboard

Not being able to input anything from the keyboard (keypad) into libreoffice is a generic problem, and may be due to any of a variety of reasons. We need your help to complete this page in order to help users quickly overcome their problem.

Input method configuration

If you use any input method like ibus, fcitx, etc, check its configuration.
Turn off completely the input method, restart your session with the input method off, and see if it solves the input problem with libreoffice. If it does, then check further the input method installation and configuration.

Ibus: Chinese input not working in specific applications

Ibus / Chinese input not working in specific applications

KDE applications

Requirements for ibus to work within KDE applications:

- The package ibus-qt should be installed.

- The package ibus-qt should be built against the proper qt library. This is relevant in distributions (like gentoo) which may ship with several qt libraries installed (e.g. qt4 and qt5). ibus-qt will only work within applications built for the same libraries as itself.
In gentoo:
For Qt4 applications, install: app-i18n/ibus-qt.

Liberoffice: what are lbase application?

* Messages for package app-office/libreoffice-
* If you plan to use lbase application you should enable java or you will get various crashes.

=> What are lbase applications?

Also, I thought I had java installed and I still get this message each time I upgrade libreoffice. How to check java is properly installed?

Republican date and decimal time support in libreoffice

Libreoffice does not support at all the Republican calendar.

Use this page to document ways to support decimal time and the republican calendar in Libreoffice.

Decimal time

Fortunately, converting from and to decimal time is easy in Libreoffice.

Internally, Libreoffice saves times as a decimal number, with 1 being the value corresponding to a whole day, i.e. 24 hours.
If you have a field HH formatted as a time (24 hour clock), then you can have another field formatted as a number NN.
To convert 24 hour times to decimal time, use the formula: NN = HH * 10.

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