Cannot "Get new wallpaper"

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If I go to Desktop settings > Get new wallpaper > I "install" a wallpaper I like, but then I cannot find it in the list of available wallpapers...

If I download a wallpaper, it's that I intend to use it / try it. but I cannot even find the wallpaper I just installed!



I found one in:
(plasma 5)

others claim that they may be at:
or again in KDE4, see userswallpapers in:


Installing new wallpapers is a hit or miss process.
For some wallpapers, the 'get new wallpapers' widget offers a choice and it is double-plus-unclear what choice is actually being offered.
Checking the content of ~/.local/share/wallpapers each time I "install" a new wallpaper is highly instructive. Installing some wallpapers create a 2 byte long file!!


The whole "Get new wallpaper" application seems to be broken.


Title:Cannot find desktop wallpaper I downloaded» Cannot "Get new wallpaper"