Kcalc: show last operation entered

Project:Linux software
Category:feature request
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Kcalc does not show the list of operations (=, +, -, etc.) that have just been entered. It only show the results. Sometimes I lose track of which operation I have just entered and I must start all the calculations from the beginning.

For example, if the result window shows '5', I don't know whether I typed '2+3=' (with '=' being the 'Enter' key), or I typed '2+3+' (with 5 being an intermediary result.

Now, if I type '+2', I'll get different results depending on the state:
'2+3=+2' => I get 7.
'2+3++2' => I get 12.

Those results are logical from the point of view of the inner arithmetic. However, from the user's point of view, when the user got distracted, it's unclear which operation is going to be performed next.

Kcalc should keep and display a history of which operations have just been performed, allowing the user to track back key strokes.



Related pages:+5378: Calculator applications

sci-calculators/calcoo does show the last operation.


sci-calculators/wcalc is a nice command line calculator.
All the operations are printed.
With the 'up' key, we can recall an operation and edit / add to it and perform it again.

If you quit and start again the application, it remembers your earlier application. Convenient!

I think that I'll start preferring wcalc over kcalc for all non-trivial or long operations.