vim: named syntax highlighting

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vim: named syntax highlighting.

I have identified 2 problems:
- when editing named.conf.options, a common bind9 configuration file name on Debian systems, the syntax highlighting is not selected by default.
Other file names to include: named.conf.*.

- the keyword listen-on-v6 is not recognized. Add in in named.vim:

syn keyword namedOption contained allow-query allow-transfer allow-recursion listen-on-v6
\   nextgroup=namedAML skipwhite



Also, comments within sections do not work.



logging {
    # Define channels for the two log files
    channel query_log {
        severity info;
        print-time yes;
  file "query.log" versions 3 size 100M;


"info" in "severity info" (see above) should be green.


add filenames in:
/usr/share/vim/vim73 $ vi filetype.vim


The syntax does not seem to take into account the different commenting styles: #, //, /* */


Also, in the zone file. The SOA coloring changes according to the use of parenthesis. E.g. the email address is printed blue if placed before the opening parenthesis, and white if within the parenthesis. The colors should not change either way.