konsole tab configuration file does not work

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Category:bug report
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From handbook:

--tabs-from-file file
Create tabs as specified in the given tabs configuration file.
The file has one tab per line in the following format:
title: This is the title;; command: run me

However, it does not seem to work.



konsole --tabs-from-file ./konsole.tabs

cat konsole.tabs
title: This is the title;; command: ls

Konsole launches. I briefly see the result of the ls command, but then exits straight away.


still the same problem it does not work for me
kinda sick help in konsole, just put a few WORKING EXAMPLES instaed of the vauge
verbage that does not convey anything but confusion.


you had it working but konsole exits at end of cmd ls, here is what i did to get it working

# title: Top this!;; command: top <--------------[ works untill exit top konsole tab gone ]---

# info from
# http://kdebase.sourcearchive.com/documentation/4:4.5.1-0ubuntu2/Applicat...
# all 4 work 1-3 konsole at cmd line 4 runs cmd until exit
title: This is the title1;; command:
title: This is the title2;; command:
title: This is the title3;; command:
title: This is the title4;; command: top