Most Linux friendly scanner manufacturers?

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Beside the usual main specs (dpi, usb / other, etc.) and the obvious Linux support (by SANE), which scanner manufacturers are more friendly to linux?


2.7. Is there support from scanner-vendors?
Vendors react differently to SANE. Some vendors cooperate with SANE developpers by giving the specifications of their scannersi, some with a non-disclosure agreement. Examples are UMAX for their SCSI-scanners, Epson.
HP is working on SANE-drivers for their scanners.
Mustek is quite helpfull concerning their USB scanners.
Brother-users may find usefull.
Note that this list of vendors is not complete. If you know about vendors that are helpfull, drop a mail.
Some other vendors actively ignore anything that is not Windows thus limiting the sales of their scanners.


You'll see that Canon is not well represented for anything fairly recent. HP I'm told is the most Linux friendly of the major manufacturers, but they aren't well-liked for scanning as far as I can tell.


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Title:How to chose a scanner?» How to choose a scanner?


Title:How to choose a scanner?» Most Linux friendly scanner manufacturers?