• ~/.local/share/kmail2/
  • ~/.config/kmail2rc


Where is my local mail stored?

In KDE4, check the setting:

cat ~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc | grep folders

Check the 'Path' setting in:

kmail stops filtering incoming emails


kmail regression: message structure panel gone

I recently upgraded from kde-apps/kmail-17.08.3 to kde-apps/kmail-17.12.3. Since then I have been looking for the message structure panel (giving the choice to view selected emails as HTML, if applicable). I wondered why it had suddenly gone, and I was looking for the appropriate setting.

Searching online, I found a copy of the kmail handbook of an older version (2013-12-12 KDE 4.12) which describes exactly what seems to have disappeared since kmail 17.12:

3.1 The Main Window

kmail: maildir new/ folder not empty

Where are the specs for a maildir?
In the new/ folder not empty (with mails dating back years) a normal thing?

Using kmail to move one mail from one folder to another, the mail landed in the new/ directory on the file system.

Kmail: cannot view attachements inline

I just upgraded from kmail KDE4 to KDE5.
Since the upgrade I cannot view email attachements inline. I cannot find any relevant configuration.
One has to open images within gwenview to see them.

kmail: Unable to fetch item from backend

Error in kmail:

Unable to fetch item from backend (collection -1): Unable to retrieve item from resource: Multiple merge candidates, aborting.

Further symptoms:

kmail 4.18 stays in offline mode, unable to send emails

It just happened to me that I couldn't send emails with kmail. There was no error, no warning. Sending emails just resulted in nothing happening. Mails stayed in the out box. I toggled on and off the Online Mode, to no avail. I had to reboot the computer and everything went back to normal.
Version: 4.8
says it's fixed. Apparently not.

There is talk about the Mail Dispatcher agent being offline. I don't know what it is nor where to find its status.

See also:


Configuration file for kmail.

It contains among other things:
- configuration for mail filters.

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