HDD drive

Munin and SMART: monitor hard drives


smart_ plugin


See the list of hard drives in your system.
Notice entries like /dev/sda, /dev/sdb etc. Ignore the partitions labelled /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc.

# ls /dev/sd*


Check where the munin plugins are storted in your system. Depending on your distribution, the plugins might be found here:


On Gentoo, they are found here:

Bus error

If you get "Bus error" in reply to overy command, it is an indication that the hard drive is failing. The only solution is to replace the hard drive and restore the system from a backup.

# ls
Bus error
# pwd
Bus error

Provide an optimized partitioning for performance and space

Choosing the right storage drives is a game of balancing three different, competing needs:
- performance: I/O (read/write) speed.
- space (e.g. for large media files).
- reliability (permanent storage, backups).
Depending on the required amount of storage, and the amount of money available for spending, the right solution may be different.

However, our new distribution will strive to provide a sane default, with a judicious use of a /scratch partition:

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