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$ firefox --help
Firefox options
  -P <profile>       Start with <profile>.
  --profile <path>   Start with profile at <path>.
  --ProfileManager   Start with ProfileManager.

TODO: What are profiles? Where are they documented?

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Firefox / Plasma browser integration


According to the upstream documentation above, a gentoo user would need to install both:
- the addon from:
- the gentoo package: kde-plasma/plasma-browser-integration

The current addon version is: 1.8.1, last updated Oct 27, 2021.
The current gentoo plasma-browser-integration package version is: 5.27.5

The source code is here:

Where are Firefox addons stored?


Where are Firefox addons stored?


In Firefox: Open Application menu > Help > More troubleshooting information,
or go to about:support

See the location of the Profile Directory:

The extensions are stored within zip files in the extensions/ sub-directory, like:

With the zip.vim plugin, you can easily view the content of the extension:

Firefox history

Update this page with any information that is relevant one way or another to the browsing history within firefox.

History is stored together with bookmarks in a database file named places.sqlite.
where {xxx} can be the host name or something else.

See sqlite for working with .sqlite files.

Sample query to browse the history from the command line:

$ sqlite3 ~/.mozilla/firefox/NNN.default/places.sqlite

Firefox: ALSA and Pulseaudio
USE=-pulseaudio : audio will not play without pulseaudio installed

ALSA support removed

In Firefox release 52, Mozilla disabled ALSA support by default and made Firefox default to Pulseaudio.


USE=-pulseaudio : audio will not play without pulseaudio installed


If you use ALSA and don't have pulseaudio installed, sound will not work with firefox-bin. You have to compile firefox instead.

How to disable animated gifs in firefox?

How to disable animated gifs in firefox?

How to change the default google search in firefox

By default, my firefox searches with Google Taiwan (Republic of China). However, I'd like it to default to Google UK.
In about:preferences#search, I cannot see anywhere to edit the search engine URI.

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