Checklist of things to keep in writing, in case something bad happens...

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Imagine the scenario: you cannot boot your computer anymore. Maybe a hard drive is fried? You have no access to the internet and you're alone. What do you do? How do you deal with it?

Internet access

Make sure that you can have access to the internet when your computer cannot boot.

Prepare a live CD, learn how to use it to access the internet: write down what you need to remember to do so.

Write down (somewhere safe) your username and password and the URL of a popular Linux community: you may need to login and ask for help.

Hard drive information

One hard drive is down? Can't access the data inside? (Do you do regular backups?)
Some information that may prove handy are backup superblocks. What are they? Where are they?

// man mke2fs
       -n     Causes mke2fs to not actually create a filesystem,
               but display what it would do if it were to create a filesystem.  
               This  can  be  used  to  determine  the  location  of  the backup
               superblocks for a particular filesystem, so long as the mke2fs
               parameters that were passed when the filesystem was originally
               created are used again.  (With the -n option added, of course!)

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