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Gtk applications

Make sure to enable the gtk2 and gtk3 USE flags in order to use fcitx within firefox and other gtk applications.


autostart     : Enable XDG-compatible autostart of Fcitx

What is the autostart USE flag for? What does XDG-compatible mean?
What is being observed with this USE flag enabled, is that fcitx is started as soon as one is logged in a desktop session (KDE Plasma, etc). However, one may not be able to actually use fcitx is the input method flags are not properly set, as is described in the documentation.
How to allow/prevent such an autostart on the same system on a per-user basis?

External resources

Bug 650344 - app-i18n/fcitx- missign /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/fcitx.conf

Bug 650348 - app-i18n/imsettings-1.7.2 breaks app-i18n/ibus, app-i18n/fcitx, etc.

Bug 650350 - app-i18n/fcitx- and qt5/kde USE flags, to work out of the box