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Interactive script from Slackware.
The executable superadduser provides a wrapper for useradd.

Sample session

$ superadduser

Login name for new user []: testgentoo

User ID ('UID') [ defaults to next available ]:

Initial group [ users ]:

Additional groups (comma separated) []: wheel,audio,video,games

Home directory [ /home/testgentoo ]

Shell [ /bin/bash ]

Expiry date (YYYY-MM-DD) []:

New account will be created as follows:

Login name.......:  testgentoo
UID..............:  [ Next available ]
Initial group....:  users
Additional groups:  wheel,audio,video,games
Home directory...:  /home/testgentoo
Shell............:  /bin/bash
Expiry date......:  [ Never ]

This is it... if you want to bail out, hit Control-C.  Otherwise, press
ENTER to go ahead and make the account.

Creating new account...

Changing the user information for testgentoo
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
        Full Name []:
        Room Number []:
        Work Phone []:
        Home Phone []:
        Other []:
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: password updated successfully

Account setup complete.

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