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Description: Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs

* Messages for package app-admin/logrotate-3.14.0:

* The logrotate binary is now installed under /usr/bin. Please
* update your links
* logrotate state file is now located at /var/lib/misc/logrotate.status
* See bug #357275
* If you are running systemd you might need to run:
* systemd-tmpfiles --create /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/logrotate.conf
* in order to create the new location of the logrotate state file
* If you wish to have logrotate e-mail you updates, please
* emerge virtual/mailx and configure logrotate in
* /etc/logrotate.conf appropriately
* Additionally, /etc/logrotate.conf may need to be modified
* for your particular needs. See man logrotate for details.

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