Vim syntax highlighting

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Check which syntax highlighting is currently in use:

:echo b:current_syntax

:set ft?

List of syntaxes available: see the content of the directory: /usr/share/vim/vim{VIM_VERSION}/syntax/

Check which filenames are associated with which file types: /usr/share/vim/vim{VIM_VERSION}/filetypes.vim

Customized syntax can also be stored here: ~/.vim/after/syntax/ .

Fix syntax highlighting:


BBCode : Syntax highlighting for BBCode
Downdload and place bbcode.vim within ~/.vim/syntax/ or within /usr/share/vim/vim{VIM_VERSION}/syntax/

To have files with the .bbcode extension automatically highlighted, edit:
and add:

" BBcode
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.bbcode                  setf bbcode