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Scenario: you go to, and you are greeted with the message:

Sorry! Something went wrong
Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

Misleading hint: Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

Help centre

Fortunately, or so you think, soundcloud has been nice enough to provide a link to the Help Center. You go there, but then you don't see any category that seem to cover your current problem. If you are astute enough, you might guess that your problem is somehow related to cookies.

No help category seem to cover our problem at hand.

Back to square one!

If you rightly guessed that your problem was cookie-related, and clicked on the appropriate help menu, you are, again, greeted with the initial error message. Notice the address of the page: in case you have a cookie problem, you cannot get any help about your cookie problem until you solve, on your own, your cookie problem!

Getting help about cookies is no cookie when you don't have cookies enabled!


You've guessed it: to solve the problem, simply go to your browser settings and enable cookies. Limit the cookies validity to the current session, if you don't want to be tracked over the long term.