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sed is a command line tool to transform text.

Starting with sed

The official documentation for GNU sed is not very beginner friendly.

Yet, it is very easy to get started with sed. The command:

$ sed 's/apple/banana/' file.txt

will change the first occurrence on each line of 'apple' to 'banana'.

Adding the operator 'g' (for 'global') will change all occurrences:

$ sed 's/apple/banana/g' file.txt

With the option --in-place, the file itself will be changed, instead of the result being simply output to the console:

$ sed --in-place 's/apple/banana/g' file.txt


See sub-wiki page below.

Colorize output

You might want to use grc instead:

* app-misc/grc
Description: Generic Colouriser beautifies your logfiles or output of commands

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