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DCF Files

DCF stands for Dar Configuration File. See the -B, --batch <filename> option in man dar.


About the --prune argument:
Apparently, the paths to prune shouldn't be quoted:

# Does not work:
dar <misc options> --prune 'backups/'
# Works:
dar <misc options> --prune backups/

User target

Sometimes, a dar script will give the following warning:

Arguments read from /usr/local/etc/darrc
No user target found on command line

See the "USER TARGETS" of man dar for a full explanation.


Configuration files

See the "FILES" section of man dar.


As far as we are aware, the syntax of Dar Configuration Files (DCF: see above) does not allow for variables. DCF's only allows to set arguments that one would normally set on the command line.

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