Android service

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Android services are little programs that perform certain tasks under certain conditions.
There are constantly dozens of services running on your Android phone doing what they are supposed to do.

The problems arises when certain applications perform such services when you'd rather them not to.
The strategy then is to:
1) find the application's name.
2) find the name of the service.
3) find a way to disable it, which may not possible unless your phone is rooted.

There is no known open source 'Disable Services' application, but you may find some in Google Store.


System Update Available

If you don't want to upgrade your system and would like to get rid of the notification: "System Update Available",

Depending on your system and version, the application may be "Updater" or "Google Play Service".
Go to settings > apps > all > find 'updater' > uncheck "show notifications".
Or disable the service SystemUpdateService with your 'Disable Services' application.