DVD player not working

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I'm using ubuntu, and I have had regular problems with DVD players/writers over the years.

Today, I stumbled upon this:

my DVD-WRITER was not working any more (I couldn't even read DVDs). At that point I almost bought myself another DVD-WRITER because I could not imagine that a simple OS upgrade could break my DVD-WRITER; In my book, this is a very basic need and every Linux distribution should make sure that the "basics" are always working.

This time my luck came from ... Windows (bleah). I don't remember the reason but someday I booted in Windows XP and while I was there I had the curiosity to check my DVD-WRITER. To my surprise and fury, the DVD-WRITER was working perfectly in Windows XP - I was even able to write DVDs while in Ubuntu I couldn't even read a DVD any more.


So, I wonder...