French Republican calendar

Republican date and decimal time support in libreoffice

Libreoffice does not support at all the Republican calendar.

Use this page to document ways to support decimal time and the republican calendar in Libreoffice.

Decimal time

Fortunately, converting from and to decimal time is easy in Libreoffice.

Internally, Libreoffice saves times as a decimal number, with 1 being the value corresponding to a whole day, i.e. 24 hours.
If you have a field HH formatted as a time (24 hour clock), then you can have another field formatted as a number NN.
To convert 24 hour times to decimal time, use the formula: NN = HH * 10.

French Republican Calendar and Decimal Time API

French Republican Calendar and Decimal Time API

Perl DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary timezone problem

Right now, in my timezone, it 18:15 (UTC+8:00).

$ date
Thu 11 Feb 18:15:36 CST 2016

The local decimal time is 7:58.
However, if I do either of the following, I get the GMT (or Paris?) decimal time:

$ perl -MDateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary -le 'print DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary->now->strftime("%c")'
Tri 23 Plu 0224 4:27:05
$t=`date +%s` ; perl -MDateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary -le "print DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary->from_epoch(epoch => $t)->strftime('%c')"
Tri 23 Plu 0224 4:27:11

Gcal: mistakenly refers to French "revolutionary" calendar

Gcal mistakenly refers to French "revolutionary" calendar. This is a misnomer. It should be called French Republican calendar.

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