konsole: Warning: Could not start program '/bin/bash' with arguments '/bin/bash'.

Sometimes, when I start a KDE session where konsole instances are being restored, I find in one of the konsole tabs:

Warning: Could not start program '/bin/bash' with arguments '/bin/bash'.
Warning: No such file or directory
Warning: Could not start program '/bin/bash' with arguments '/bin/bash'.
Warning: No such file or directory

The problem is temporary. Other tabs are ok. I close the affected tab and open a new one without problems.

Konsole does not use global keyboard shortcuts to change tabs

Konsole does not use global keyboard shortcuts to change tabs.

In KDE system settings, you can change the keyboard shortcuts to change tabs in many applications, especially browsers (konqueror, firefox....).
Konsole, however, does not follow this global settings but has its own shortcuts that can be set for the same task.
It probably should follow the global settings.

Also, provide the user with a list of global shortcuts is affecting the use of konsole.

UTF-8 by default in konsole

I just had to manually configure konsole so that it uses UTF-8 as default character encoding. See linked wiki page.

What defaults konsole uses for a new user / new installation?
Where can those defaults be set, system-wide?

Make it so that konsole always defaults to utf-8, unless the user manually sets the default to something else.

Chinese fonts missing in konsole

Chinese fonts are missing in the console or when using vim to edit a file which contains Chinese text. For example:

kate chinese.txt // Works perfectly. Chinese text is properly displayed.
vim  chinese.txt // Displays "�� ��" instead of Chinese.

In the Konsole window, select the menu:
Settings > Edit the current profile > Advanced > select 'UTF-8' as the default character encoding.

ibus (chewing, etc.) does not work in KDE applications

I have configured ibus-chewing and it works in firefox, konqueror, but not in konqueror, kate

Bookmark within Konsole

Within Konsole, we sometimes run program with very long output, especially when compiling stuff, or, on Gentoo, emerging packages.
We may even run several such programs in succession, so that the history can be very long (assuming the setting is history=unlimited).
Now, is often becomes very difficult to scroll back to a specific point, e.g. to the starting point of a specific compile element.

It'd be useful to have the possibility to set temporary bookmarks within a single konsole window, so that we could easily scroll back to a specific point within the history.

konsole and bash script: attracting user attention when input is needed

How to have a script run in a console tab, and attract the user attention when the script needs user input?

Use case:
in my scripts, I have sudo commands. When the last sudo ran a short while ago, it goes without a hitch. But sometimes, the script is stuck at the password prompt and I need a way to attract the user attention so that he can enter the password.

I can echo a bell just before the sudo command but:
1- the bell will ring whether or not user interaction is needed (sudo may not need user input).
2- the speakers may not be on.

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