vim darrc syntax highlighter

Is there a syntax file for vim and DCF files (Dar Configuration Files), i.e. darrc or .dcf files?

visudo: specified editor (/bin/nano) doesn't exist


# visudo
visudo: specified editor (/bin/nano) doesn't exist

Either install nano,
or, if you prefer another editor (e.g. vim), set the $EDITOR variable to the proper value. For details, see the $EDITOR section of the page on visudo.

Chinese fonts missing in konsole

Chinese fonts are missing in the console or when using vim to edit a file which contains Chinese text. For example:

kate chinese.txt // Works perfectly. Chinese text is properly displayed.
vim  chinese.txt // Displays "�� ��" instead of Chinese.

In the Konsole window, select the menu:
Settings > Edit the current profile > Advanced > select 'UTF-8' as the default character encoding.

Vim: marks and jumps


m: create a new mark.
mx: 'x' is the letter you want to assign to the mark.

`x: (backtick + x) return to the mark 'x'.

Vim folding and feature discoverability

Today, I just found about about code folding within Vim.

I have been using Vim for about 15 years, and use it very regularly for coding.

Today, I was using it trying to debug a long block of code, with many nested blocks, and suddenly wished that Vim offered a feature that is standard with graphical IDEs: the ability to fold nested code of blocks. I quickly searched the web and found that Vim has supported code folding since version 6.
Basically, the feature has been available all along, and for all these years, it could have made my job much easier, but I was never aware of it.

Vim: no .srt highlighting by default

On my system, to enable syntax highlighting for .srt files, I did:

in ~/.vimrc:

" Syntax highlighting for subtitle files in Subrip (srt) format                                                                                                            
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.srt setf srt

And added the file:

This should be configured by default.

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