filesystem full

Filesystem full

This wiki page may deal with all problems related to a filesystem being full, including abnormal reasons why it might be full and how to deal with it.

Abnormal growth

#5417: knotify4 fills up filesystem with .xsession-errors describes an instance where the filesystem got filled up.

The users managed to identify the abnormal growth with two simple methods, while the problem was ongoing:

1) listing files in the home directory in order of time, to identify the file that was being filled up. In this instance, it was lucky that the growth happened in the home directory.
ls -ltr

knotify4 fills up filesystem with .xsession-errors

My /home directory was getting filled.

I tried to make space but the space was occupied straight away.
I found a 8.8G file in /home/user/ :

-rw------- 1 user adm 8.8G 2016-01-16 10:16 .xsession-errors

I deleted it but the space was filling up again.
In iotop, I found the process that was filling it (process with highest DISK WRITE speed).
I killed it, and the growth stopped, but I didn't reclaim the space.

the process was knotify or knotify4.
iotop does not leave any output on the console, so I am not sure.

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