MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)

Media Transfer Protocol

Related gentoo packages:

* media-libs/libmtp
Description: An implementation of Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

* sys-fs/go-mtpfs
Description: a simple FUSE filesystem for mounting Android devices as a MTP device

* sys-fs/jmtpfs

Provide an optimized partitioning for performance and space

Choosing the right storage drives is a game of balancing three different, competing needs:
- performance: I/O (read/write) speed.
- space (e.g. for large media files).
- reliability (permanent storage, backups).
Depending on the required amount of storage, and the amount of money available for spending, the right solution may be different.

However, our new distribution will strive to provide a sane default, with a judicious use of a /scratch partition:

knotify4 fills up filesystem with .xsession-errors

My /home directory was getting filled.

I tried to make space but the space was occupied straight away.
I found a 8.8G file in /home/user/ :

-rw------- 1 user adm 8.8G 2016-01-16 10:16 .xsession-errors

I deleted it but the space was filling up again.
In iotop, I found the process that was filling it (process with highest DISK WRITE speed).
I killed it, and the growth stopped, but I didn't reclaim the space.

the process was knotify or knotify4.
iotop does not leave any output on the console, so I am not sure.

bash: validating a file (existence, type...)

How to validate a file?


if [ -f $FILE ];
   echo "The file $FILE exists."

# For a directory, use -d:

if [ ! -d $FILE];
    echo "The file $FILE is not a directory."

For more information, see section "6.4 Bash Conditional Expressions" of the bash documentation:

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