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In KDE, in order to have the application icon in the system tray, add the following alias in your .bashrc file, and start the application with it. (This behaviour should be the default, so this extra step is necessary in order to have the functionality that most users would expect. 1)

alias signal='signal-desktop --use-tray-icon --start-in-tray '

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net-im/viber requires: dev-libs/openssl-compat:1.0.0

For testing and developing purposes, you may download the viber.deb package from the official viber web site. The content of the .deb package can easily be extracted:
ar -x viber.deb
You will find a file: control.tar.gz. Exctract it and in it you will find the exact viber version number, which is no otherwise available on the Viber web site.

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