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file name: 8c8a2226178ca74946ccb77ac7d253ac

        "enabled": true,
        "id": "ffa12a89a426e13738e4161ff6b9d14d",
        "metadata": {
            "fullname": "xrandr-VA249-GBLMQS122469",
            "name": "DVI-D-0"
        "mode": {
            "refresh": 60,
            "size": {
                "height": 1080,
                "width": 1920
        "pos": {
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0
        "primary": true,
        "rotation": 1

Invisible mouse cursor

An invisible mouse cursor is most likely caused by a failure of the X Windows graphic drivers.

Please update this page with other causes which may cause the mouse cursor to be invisible, links to upstream bugs, and the solutions.

KDE: Monitor resolution and refresh rate

This section is based on a real life scenario and the solution found. Please this section to confirm certain points.

boot console (tty1)

Environment factors that affect the resolution of the first console (tty1) during and after book.

80x25 is default PC console mode. This renders as huge fonts given today's monitor sizes.

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