.srt file

Vim: no .srt highlighting by default

On my system, to enable syntax highlighting for .srt files, I did:

in ~/.vimrc:

" Syntax highlighting for subtitle files in Subrip (srt) format                                                                                                            
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.srt setf srt

And added the file:

This should be configured by default.

Removing formatting from srt files

This page will describe how to remove formatting, time codes, closed caption from a .srt subtitle file.


subtitleeditor has an option to export as plain text. Simply open the .srt file with subtitleeditor then go to File >> Export >> Export Plain Text.

It's very easy!


* It does not strip tags like <i>, etc.

* Dialogues written on multiple lines within the same time code are kept on separate lines. (In some instances, this can be considered a pro).

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