Scratch file system

Provide an optimized partitioning for performance and space

Choosing the right storage drives is a game of balancing three different, competing needs:
- performance: I/O (read/write) speed.
- space (e.g. for large media files).
- reliability (permanent storage, backups).
Depending on the required amount of storage, and the amount of money available for spending, the right solution may be different.

However, our new distribution will strive to provide a sane default, with a judicious use of a /scratch partition:


Used for temporary or easily recoverable data should the data be lost.
/scratch would usually be a separate partition on a separate, fast disk where reliability if of a lesser concern but performance a boon.

Files and applications to be considered for /scratch:

- distribution packaging (e.g. Gentoo's portage tree).
- off-tree compile directory (the build/ directory in software source tree).
- blender 3D bake files.
- new/ and tmp/ directory in a mailbox directory, as opposed to the cur/ directory which permanently stores the emails.

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