Black screen

sddm: open new session gives black screen
I am a new Calculate Linux user.
I have just successfully installed Calculate.
I can log into a KDE Plasma session, with sddm and the nvidia-drivers.
However, when I try to start a new session, I get a black screen. I cannot switch to any tty (tty1 nor back to tty7). I can only hard-reboot the computer.

Black screen (No signal)

Document here all the situations where one might have a black screen, and the solution for each situation.

After installing a new graphic card

- Your mother board has an integrated graphic.
- You have just installed a dedicated graphic card.
- You boot the computer, but the monitor does not receive any signal and remains completely dark.


Black screen after starting KDE plasma session

In KDE Plasma 5, I started a new session and while the session was not completely loaded, I start to tab into another activity, but got a completely black screen, with only the white mouse pointer that I still could move on it.

I went into a TTY console and did:
ps aux | grep X
and kill the pid of the X process.
I was immediately brought back to the session login screen (sddm).
I logged in again and I saw an X window with the mention:
"Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation".

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