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file name: 8c8a2226178ca74946ccb77ac7d253ac

        "enabled": true,
        "id": "ffa12a89a426e13738e4161ff6b9d14d",
        "metadata": {
            "fullname": "xrandr-VA249-GBLMQS122469",
            "name": "DVI-D-0"
        "mode": {
            "refresh": 60,
            "size": {
                "height": 1080,
                "width": 1920
        "pos": {
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0
        "primary": true,
        "rotation": 1

Invisible mouse cursor

An invisible mouse cursor is most likely caused by a failure of the X Windows graphic drivers.

Please update this page with other causes which may cause the mouse cursor to be invisible, links to upstream bugs, and the solutions.

KDE: Monitor resolution and refresh rate

This section is based on a real life scenario and the solution found. Please this section to confirm certain points.


Screen resolution

Find the screen resolution of your monitor:

$ xdpyinfo  | grep 'dimensions:'

Video connector type

VGA ports are old technology. Avoid if possible.

If your graphic card and your monitor use different types of ports, usually there is a possibility to buy a cheap adaptor, but not always.

If your monitor is VGA, you can find an adaptor to DVI-I or DVI-A to VGA, but not from DVI-D to VGA.

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