Portage overlays

List which packages are installed from a given overlay:

equery has repository $overlay_name

eix --installed-from-overlay $overlay_name

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Merge two wiki pages on portage and software development

Merge two wiki pages on portage and software development.
See linked wiki pages.
I created "Emerge: custom builds" first, but "Portage and software development" is a better title.


This file is suggested within the Gentoo wiki, to help with software development and for debugging purposes:

Possible content of the file:

# https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Debugging#Install_debugging_information
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -ggdb"
FEATURES="${FEATURES} splitdebug compressdebug -nostrip"

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Portage and software development

The power of portage makes Gentoo probably the very best distribution to use for software development. This article is not about the development of portage itself. We will endeavour to collect tips and recipes about using portage's features to help a developer in its work.

Backtraces and symbols for gdb and valgrind

1) Create the file /etc/portage/env/debugsyms.conf.
2) Add a line in /etc/portage/package.env for the packgage you want, e.g.:


Homepage: https://github.com/rich0/cfg-update
Description: Easy to use GUI & CLI alternative for etc-update

For the documentation, check both man cfg-update and the content of /etc/cfg-update.conf.


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Portage keywords used in ebuilds

There does not seem to be any index of all the keywords used by portage, in particular within ebuilds. As we wonder about the meaning of such or such keyword, we can build up the index below, with links to the most appropriate documentation.

See: https://devmanual.gentoo.org/
Another partial list can be found here:
Install Functions Reference https://devmanual.gentoo.org/function-reference/install-functions/index....

In alphabetical order:

CHECKREQS_DISK_BUILD: Ensure we have enough disk space to compile. Typical use in .ebuild file:

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