OpenRC and fsck


OpenRC has a script in /etc/init.d/fsck to check the drives and partitions to mount.

There is currently no official documentation on the fsck script, on its behaviour nor on how to configure and control its behaviour. This page is a placeholder for information that could contribute to creating a comprehensive documentation on OpenRC and fsck.

The script /etc/init.d/fsck is run in all situations.

root:        need fsck
localmount:  need fsck

OpenRC GLEP proposal


There has been some serious concerns expressed in the Gentoo forums about the recent development of OpenRC. This blog entry tries to address them in a constructive, positive way. Should my personal opinion, expressed below, gain favourable reviews by the Gentoo community and by the OpenRC user community, this blog entry could be turned into a Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals (GLEP). If there is enough support for such a motion, the entire text below could be copied into the gentoo wiki, reformatted to fit the GLEP guidelines, and, of course, edited, amended and completed in which ever way the community sees fit in view of starting the official GLEP submission procedure. On the other hand, shouldn't there be any sufficient active support for such a motion, this blog entry will simply remain here, as a record of my opinion on the subject.



Each subdirectory is a given run levels and provides symlinks to scripts in /etc/init.d/ to be run at a particular stage.


Beware: differentiate between the runlevels defined by init and configured in /etc/inittab (man inittab):
from the runlevels defined here by OpenRC.


The main configuration file for OpenRC.

Note that the display manager configuration variable DISPLAYMANAGER can be set here, but it is more logically set at /etc/conf.d/xdm

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