PDFedit GUI is based on the Qt 3 toolkit and has not been ported to QT 4. As of 2016, the project does not appear to be active, so it probably won't be ported at all.

Gentoo no longer supports QT 3 applications: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=158188 app-text/pdfedit


External resources

PDF with forms

Open .pdf file with libreoffice draw, fill in form items, then export as .pdf file.



PDF: This document has XFA forms, which are currently unsupported.

okular cerfa_14952-01_procuration\ de\ vote.pdf

If I select "show forms", I get the warning:
"This document has XFA forms, which are currently unsupported."

What are those?
What difference does it make?
Should I care?
Does another software support XFA forms? Will okular support them in the future?


How to extract one or several pages from a PDF document?

For example the Ohio Secretary of State web site publishes one single PDF with the maps of all the congressional district. I wanted to extract the map for Ohio's 8th congressional district. I did it with the following command line:

pdftops 2012CongressionalDistricts.pdf - | psselect -p8 | ps2pdf - oh8.pdf

See the man page for more information on each command.

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