Smartphone: purchasing freedom

The goal of this wiki page is to gather information on smartphones which provides the most amount of freedom, or with which it is easier to attain such freedom: rooting, modding, ability to flash the ROM, etc.

As far as we are aware, no smartphone producers sell any of their products with the option to have a rooted device, or with an unlocked bootloader.

Flashing the ROM

In order to be able to flash a cellphone's ROM, consider the following technical issues:
- Is the device's bootloader locked?

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)

Media Transfer Protocol

Related gentoo packages:

* media-libs/libmtp
Description: An implementation of Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

* sys-fs/go-mtpfs
Description: a simple FUSE filesystem for mounting Android devices as a MTP device

* sys-fs/jmtpfs

Backup Android

In this page, we are going to focus on a backup strategy that does not rely on a 3rd party service (uploading your data on the "cloud"). We aim to achieve: full backup, full security, and full control.

Help us develop and complete this page.

What to backup


ssh and rsync

Install a SSH server (sshd) on your cellphone, and from your computer, use rsync to backup the application data directory (/data/media/0/).

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