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!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy ">=kde-base/kdelibs-4.14.22:4[aqua=]" has unmet requirements.
- kde-base/kdelibs-4.14.24::gentoo USE="acl bzip2 crypt handbook nls opengl (policykit) spell ssl udisks upower (webkit) (-altivec) (-aqua) -debug -doc (-fam) -jpeg2k -kerberos (-libressl) -lzma -openexr -test -udev -zeroconf" ABI_X86="64" CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx sse sse2 -3dnow"                                                                   

  The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:
    udisks? ( udev ) upower? ( udev )

Maybe you use eudev instead of udev. Check that you did NOT add -udev in the USE flags in make.conf. See #9116: udev as unmet requirements for kdelibs.