My gratitude to all Semantic-UI contributors

I have started using Semantic-UI a few months ago, and I am very happy I did. The basic principles are sound; using it feels satisfying; and we can easily create good looking, functional web pages with minimal effort.

Like for everything in life, not everything is perfect. There are some bugs, and a few sharp edges, but nothing that can't be fixed.

I primarily wanted to express my gratitude to:

  1. Jack, the creator of Semantic-UI: it is in essence a great library that has a much greater potential that the one it has already achieved. The basic principles are sound, and Jack's achievements are astounding.
  2. More recent contributors, like hammy2899, ColinFrick, prudho and quite a few others, for keeping the project alive with their contributions, patches, and fixes and most importantly for the community fork, Fomantic-UI.


I really wanted to publically express my gratitude, especially since I have not, myself, contributed anything substantial to the project.

Also, I wanted to fight back against many negative comments aimed against the original maintainer, for his recent lack of activity. He owes us nothing, especially not to people like myself who have contributed very little or nothing at all. I am quite infuriated by the sense of entitlements that some users dare to unashamedly display in the issue tracker, complaining about the apparent lack of maintenance, about existing bugs and about their particular requests for support not being answered.

I would like to direct people's attention to the following articles:

  1. Hierarchy of contribution in Open Source
  2. Feeling of Entitlement in Free and Open-Source Software

To all Semantic-UI users please:

  • keep filling bug reports and feature requests, as doing so you already contribute a little something to the project.
  • show more appreciation to both past and current contributors, who do all the heavy lifting,
  • but please, please, stop bitching when you do not get what you (wrongly) feel that you are entitled to.