A distribution for both newbies and power users

There are two seemingly incompatible trends for Linux distributions:
- some distributions are aimed at power users, and focus on configurability, huge amount of choice and providing the user with the tools and the framework to do whatever they wish with their computer.
- some other distributions are aimed at newbies, or (ex-) windows users and focus on ease of use, streamlined interface, and a limited set of default application being supported.

The former category certainly include gentoo, archlinux, maybe also Debian and many others.
The later include Ubuntu, Elementary OS, etc.

We want to cater to both groups of users, providing a sane default so that a newbie can feel at home very quickly, and quickly start using the computer for whatever task they had in mind, instead of struggling to set everything up and figuring out how it works.
But we also want to allow power users to configure everything the way they want, going up a gentle learning slope as they depart from the easy default configuration.

Have graphic tools for all common administration activities (software update, etc.) but which also point the user to CLI equivalents should they want to go that way, allowing them to follow a gentle learning curve.